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IMPLEMENTED - Strategy Fields
An important aspect of evaluating the quality and fit-for-purpose of an AOP is understanding how that AOP was developed and the overall approach to evidence assembly and evaluation that was employed. Additionally, other potential contributors to an AOP page can better understand what gaps might be filled through additional literature search or experimentation if there is some description of what strategies and approaches previous contributors have taken to assembling and evaluating supporting evidence. However, at present there are no text fields for describing the overall AOP development strategy on the AOP pages, nor the evidence collection and evaluation strategy on Relationship pages. A feature is desirable that provides free text fields for providing an overview of the strategies taken by the contributors.

This feature was implemented in version 2.5 of the AOP-Wiki, published on 17 July 2022.
I am co-leader of the OECD AOP-KB development group - if you have any suggestions for the AOP-Wiki, please let me know!

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