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IMPLEMENTED - De-emphasizing the role of stressors
AOPs are triggered by the interaction of a “stressor” (e.g. chemical, nanomaterial, radiation, virus, …) with the organism on molecular level, leading to the Molecular Initiating Event (MIE). The scope of the AOP Framework starts with the MIE and does not explicitly include the stressor, in other words, AOPs are “stressor-agnostic”. However, currently the AOP-Wiki includes a data object “Stressor”. This needs to be addressed by de-emphasising the role of stressors in the AOP-Wiki.

This feature was implemented in release 2.5 of the AOP-Wiki, published on 17 July 2022.
I am co-leader of the OECD AOP-KB development group - if you have any suggestions for the AOP-Wiki, please let me know!

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