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AOP-Wiki Release 2.4.1
Our most recent AOP-Wiki update fixed several errors with our XML downloads. With this release, we have synchronized the updates between the AOP-Wiki and the AOP-XML schema in order to avoid validation errors moving forward. The AOP-XML schema is available here: https://github.com/swandle06/AopXml (assets/schema/current.xsd). The version of the schema corresponding to the latest wiki release will be tracked here: https://github.com/swandle06/AopXml/releases.

There are still some controlled terms that are being processed, and those discrepancies will be fixed in our next release later this summer. With those exceptions, the wiki exports are now consistent with the defined schema here: https://github.com/swandle06/AopXml/releases/tag/v1.0.1. Moving forward, we will raise any new alterations to the schema and associated exports in this subforum prior to release of the AOP-Wiki code. This will allow an opportunity for feedback from developers using AOP-Wiki data in their applications as well as time for them to adjust their applications to accommodate the changes.

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